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Plastic Random Packing

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Plastic Pall Ring Super INTALOX Saddle PTFE Raschig Ring
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Tellerette Packing Plastic Heilex Ring Plastic Floating Ball
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INTALOX Snowflake Polyhedral Hollow Ball VSP Ring

Questions: Why do we use plastic random packing?

Answers: Plastic random packing has been used successfully as an inexpensive and efficient ways to increase tower capacity and efficiency. There are numerous process advantages that can be realized by using plastic random column packing in many applications. The predominant reasons for using column packing is to reduce pressure drop throughout the column, to increase capacity compared to trays at the same efficiency, and to reduce the liquid holdup in the column. Plastic random column packings are not as bulk as ceramic equivalents and therefore offer higher capacity and lower pressure drop.

Plastic random column packings are used in corrosive applications with low to moderate operating temperature and can offer economic advantage over metal material. Where temperature permits, plastic random column packing performs better than ceramic random column packing and are often cheaper than metal random column packing, particularly when special metal and alloy are required. Consequently, plastic random column packing are frequently used in absorption, scrubbing, stripping and heat transfer service.

Questions: What advantages do plastic random packing have?

Answers: High performance plastic random packing provides:

ü  Lowest Pressure Drop and Highest Capacity

ü  Low pressure drop and high capacity allows smaller column diameter and blower sizes in new installations.

ü  Low pressure drop minimizes process back-pressure from scrubbers.

ü  Low pressure drop substantially reduces energy consumption.

High Efficiency and Capacity
Exceptional efficiency at low liquid rates improves separation performance and allows reduction in column height in new installations.

High capacity for high liquid rates allows reduction in column diameter in new installations.

Questions: What’s the typical application of plastic random packing?

Answers: Plastic random packing can be applied in

ü  Chlorine and Bromine production plants

ü  HCl absorption in various processes

ü  Emergency scrubbers

ü  Environmental scrubbers and strippers

ü  Air and water coolers in air separation plants

Questions: What MOC can we choose for plastic random packing?

Answers: Plastic random packing has wide range of material available:
Polypropylene, Glass Filled Polypropylene, Low Density Polyethylene, High Density Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, ETFE, Glass Filled ETFE, PFA.