Plastic Star Ring Packing

Product No: TPU®-PSRP

Plastic Snowflake Packing

Plastic STAR RING Packing equivalent to Koch Glitsch(INTALOX® SNOWFLAKE® high performance random packing) is a proven high-performance plastic that offers superior efficiency, capacity and pressure drop in the environmental industry in lieu of the other poly propropylene plastic packings used.

Specification Specific Area
Void Ratio
Bulk Density
Dry Packing Factor
TPU®-PSRP 100 95 4900 49 117


Ø Fume (Acetic Acid, Ammonia, Formaldehyde)


Ø  Acid (HCL, S02, H2S) Gas Absorption

Ø  VOC Stripping

Ø  Wastewater Treatment

Ø  Flue Gas Scrubbing

This is how it compares with the di­erent sizes of the Plastic Rings:

²  Over 60% higher efficiency and 20% lower pressure drop then the 3.5” Plastic Pall Ring.

²  Over 20% higher efficiency and 50% lower pressure drop then the 2” Plastic Pall Ring.

²  About 10% higher efficiency and 30% lower pressure drop then the 1.5” Plastic Pall Ring.