Metal Cascade Mini Ring

Product No: TPU®-MCMR

metal cascade mini ring tower packing

Metal Cascade Mini Rings(Equivalent to well-known Koch Glitsch CMR), CMR for short, A lower aspect ratio increases capacity and reduces pressure drop and the highly exposed internal and external surfaces give a high efficiency vehicle for liquid – gas contact with good mechanical strength.

v  Lower aspect ratio (H/D 1/2 to 1/3) increase capacity and reduces pressure drop;  Metal Cascade Mini Rings, preferential orientation in a packed bed with the cylindrical axis in the vertical plane, allows a free passage for gas to flow through it;

v  The lower pressure drop and higher throughput of Metal Cascade Mini Rings enables a smaller column diameter and fan size to be specified in new installations, The highly exposed internal and external surfaces provide an efficient vehicle for liquid–gas contact, by multiple drip-points;

v  More resistant to fouling, because a combination of Metal Cascade Mini Rings'  vertical alignment and open sides, allow any solids present to be flushed downwards through the packed bed.

v  Good Mechanical Strength, which allows Metal Cascade Mini Rings' use in deep packed beds that have a higher hydraulic capacity.


Metal Cascade Mini Rings are widely used in desulfurization and decarburization system in compound ammonia plant, decompressed plant in crude oil separated plant, all kind of separation process such as separation of methanol, separation of organic acid, and used in absorb or dis-absorb tower.


Stainless steel, carbon steel, carbon steel, seeping aluminum, titanium, zirconium and special alloys. 


surface area 
Bulk density
0P Φ17xΦ17xH6x0.3 427 0.94 530000 472 55
1P Φ25xΦ22xH8x0.3 230 0.96 150000 270 40
1.5P Φ34xΦ29xH11x0.3 198 0.97 60910 201 29
2P Φ43xΦ38xH14x0.4 164 0.97 33170 230 22
2.5P Φ51xΦ44xH17x0.4 127 0.97 17900 186 17
3P Φ66xΦ57xH21x0.4 105 0.98 8800 139 14
4P Φ86xΦ76xH29x0.4 90 0.98 4200 143 10
5P Φ131xΦ118xH41x0.6 65 0.98 1480 136 7