Ceramic Honeycomb

RTO ceramic honeycomb high alumina ceramic honeycomb  
RTO High Alumina  Inert Ceramic Ball

Apply to RTO, RCO, VOC, SCR, Infrared Burner

Our ceramic honeycomb for heat exchange includes ceramic honeycomb heat recovery bed, heat exchange bed, thermal storage & recovery ceramic media, heat exchange elements / media. Ceramic monoliths media evidently save energy in steel works, metallurgic industry, and also regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO). Honeycomb monolith is the key components of the style furnace, it is extensively used in many kinds of heater, sirocco furnace, heat treatment furnace, cracking column, roaster, melting furnace, balance heating stove and etc. This technology can save more than 40-70% of energy.

The material for heat exchange media honeycomb ceramic can be cordierite, mullite ceramic, alumina etc. Customer can choose the suitable materials according to its application.