Structured Packing

metal corrugated structured packing plastic structured packing ceramic structured packing
Metal Structured Packing Plastic Structured Packing Ceramic Structured Packing

What is Structured Packing?

Structured Packing is formed from vertical sheets of corrugated thin gauge ceramic / metal/ plastic with the angle of the corrugations reversed in adjacent sheets to form a very open honeycomb structure with inclined flow channels and a relatively high surface area. To simplify installation, it is delivered in preformed slabs or segments that are sized to fit through the vessel manholes. A high surface area will only provide efficient mass transfer if it is effectively used to increase vapor-liquid contact and therefore a variety of surface enhancements are available to promote liquid spreading over the packing surface. The low resistance to vapor flow together with efficient use of available surface tends to give structured packings (structured column packings) significant performance advantages over random packings (random column packings) in high vapor rate/low liquid rate systems. 

Structured Packing offers two performance-improving structured packings (structured column packings): Corrugated Structured Packing, fabricated from ceramic, sheet metal or engineered plastics, and wire gauze packing.

TPU have many experience supplying structured packing for big, medium, small diameter towers, we also have specified small diameter products for pilot towers.

Materials: Plastic, Ceramic and Metal