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Organization Introduction

Tower Packing Union are sponsered by a group of advanced tower packing and high-tech industrial applied ceramic manufacturers from China. In fact, we represent the manufacturer, and consequently we can provide high quality custom made mass transfer media products at very low prices. Our customer and technical services are extremely fast, simple and effective because we are the only link between our customers and the manufacturer. We will assign a manufacturer directly contact you upon your enquiry.

We supply:

Tower Packings for mass tranfer applicatoins in chemical and petrochemical towers, distillation towers and other separation applications

1. Pall Ring 2. Rachig Ring 3. Saddle Packing 4. Cascade Mini Ring 5. VSP Ring 6.Tellerette Packing 7. IMTP equivalent 8. Structured Packings.

Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for foundry applications(To eliminate non-metallic inclusions from molten aluminum alloys), catalytic coating, waste water purification and organic apllications.

Ceramic Honeycomb for RTO(Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser) applications.

All Tower Packing Union Co.,Ltd products are made by a very selected group of advanced manufacturers based in the industrial area of China and fully meet the highest standards.