Plastic Heilex Ring

Product No: TPU®-PHR

plastic heilex ring

Plastic Heilex Ring brief introduction

Plastic heilex ring is a new kind of open-celled packing. Heilex ring has unique configuration, and usually made by PP injection. Plastic heilex ring enlarges its surface area and void space which contribute a lot to enhance the product performance. And heilex ring won’t nest, and the gas-liquid could be well distributed. We can provide heilex rings in a variety of plastic, such as PP, Polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, HDPE and Glass Filled Polypropylene etc.

Plastic Heilex Ring mainly applied to gas absorption, acid gas absorption, cooling and gas purification, etc.

Advantages: High void ratio, low pressure drop.


Specification Surface area Void space Bulk density Num Packing factor
inch mm m2/m3 % kg/m3 per/m3 m-1
2″ 50*50 101 94 65 8000 70
3″ 76*76 55 96 56 3420 87
4″ 100*100 75 95 48 1850 46