Metal Structured Packing

Product No: TPU®-MSP

metal corrugated structured packing

Metal Corrugated Structured Packing:

Metal Corrugated Structured Packing is constructed of sheets of corrugated metal. The angle of inclination of the corrugations of adjacent sheets is reversed with respect to the vertical column axis, forming mixing cells at every point where the corrugations intersect. Perforations and surface texturing, including waffled, grooved and smooth, promote intimate mixing and radial distribution over the entire tower cross-section. Each subsequent element is rotated 90 degree about the column axis so that the sheets of one element are perpendicular to the sheets of the elements above and below. In passing through each element, gas and liquid are thoroughly mixed in the direction parallel to the plane of the sheets. By rotating subsequent elements, excellent mixing and spreading, both side-to-side and front-to-back are obtained over the entire cross-section of the tower. Metal Corrugated Structured Packing operates over a wide range of liquid and gas rates. With more than 10 types of TPU Corrugated Packing available, TPU can provide the right products to meet your specific tower requirements.

Metal Corrugated Structured Packing offers higher capacity and/or higher efficiency than random packing or conventional trays. Metal Corrugated Structured Packing revamp can increase separation efficiency, increase capacity, lower pressure drop, and often significantly lower the energy costs of distillation and absorption operations. That means retrofitting existing packed or trayed towers with Metal Corrugated Structured Packing will improve profitability.  


Metal Corrugated Structured Packing widely used in temperature sensitive application where large numbers of theoretical stages are needed. Low liquid loading systems for vacuum distillations or organic intermediates, amines, glycols, fatty acids, essential oils and fragrances, suitable for solvent recovery, batch & continuous distillation system and system of ethyl benzene / benzene second, hexamethylene kelone/ hexamethylene mellow, oneself lactam. Absorb or regeneration tower.

Materials: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, aluminum, bronze and special alloys.


Model surface area 
m 2 /m 3
void space 

m 3 /m 3
Waterpower Diameter 
Declined angle degree F-factor
m/s kg/m 3
Theoretical tower plate No/m
125 x/y 125 98.5 18 30/45 3 1-1.2
250 x/y 250 97 15.8 30/45 2.6 2-3
350 x/y 350 96 11.5 30/45 / /
450 x/y 450 93 9 30/45 1.5 3-4
500 x/y 500 93 8 30/45 / /

Metal Wire Mesh Structured Packing

Metal Wire Mesh structured columns packing consist of proprietary designed metal wire mesh with corrugated sheets which are aligned and placed vertically. The wire structures slopes are reversed in other sheets stacked with alternating 90 degree orientation of each layer resulting in inclined flow passages and a relatively high surface area. This allow thin liquid films to be continuously spread across the tower as liquid flows through the packing. Capillary action and high surface areas result in maximum exposure to high mass transfer efficiency.


v  Good lateral distribution of liquid and gas.

v  Highest theoretical stages per meter of packed height.

v  Lower specific pressure drop per theoretical stage.

v  Less liquid hold up. Economic operating loads.

v  The weir mesh packing with high number of theoretical plates and low pressure drop per meter.

v  Small hold-up, most economical load range: F factor 1.5—2m/s kg/m3. minimum liquid load approx: 0.2 m3/m2·h

Materials: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, aluminum, bronze and special alloys.


Fine Chemicals, Flavours, Isomers Separation. The separation of thermal sensitive materials, Pilot and laboratory columns. Reform existing columns for increased Performance.and system of ethylbenzene / benzene second, hexamethylene kelone/ hexamethylene mellow, oneself lactam. absorb or regeneration tower.

Specific surface area
Waterpower diameter 
Declined angle degree Heaping Weight
F-factor m3 Theoretical tower plate Number No/m
500 0.91 7.5 30 250 2.4-1.3 4-5
700 0.90 5 45 350 2.4-2.0 6-10