Metal Improved Pall Ring
(HY-PAK PACKING equivalent)

Product No: TPU®-MIPR

 metal improved pall ring, hypak packing

Improved Pall Ring (HY-PAK PACKING equivalent) tower packing is basically a more finely tuned and better performing Pall ring. Improved pall ring design allows greater capacity, lower pressure drop, and even thorough gas and liquid bed distribution. Although similar in outward appearance to Pall rings, Improved pall ring packing offers more interior surface area due to more twists and bends in the internal geometry. The improved pall ring geometric configuration creates greater gas/liquid contacting and 25 to 30% more transfer points per cubic foot than standard Pall ring designs. Although more contacting takes place, results show 10% or greater capacity advantage over standard Pall rings in pressure drop vs. gas rate tests. The improved pall ring provides superior distribution and avoids channeling towards the vessel walls. Improved pall ring Tower packing can improve performance in a wide range of applications including:

Ø  Gas dehydration

Ø  Demethanizing

Ø  Tall oil fractionating

Ø  CO2 removal

Ø  High vacuum distillation

Ø  Vacuum crude stills

Ø  H2S contacting

Ø  Liquid/liquid contacting

The Improved pall ring (HY-PAK PACKING equivalent) tower packing high strength geometry makes them well suited to deep beds. Improved pall ring tower packings are available in a wide range of metal and alloy materials.

surface area 
Bulk Density
#1 30mm 172 29900 202 97
#1.5 45mm 122 9390 176 97
#2 60mm 85 3670 166 98
#3 90mm 56 1070 176 98